"I don't just operate,
I live it "

A patient is not in the hospital because of me,

I am in the hospital because of the patient

Diseases and Treatments

GORD is a complex condition. We appropriately assess the condition and provide a comprehensive care plan, including Barrett’s Oesophagus.

Hernias can be of many types; groin/ inguinal/ umbilical/ divarication of recti and incisional are just a few examples. Modern treatment does not require avoidance of exercise after surgery in most cases.

Surgery for gallbladder stones, even after pancreatitis is common. Here are several innovative approaches to this operation. These approaches make it a safe operation, reduce post-operative pain and scars, resulting in a quicker recovery.

It is hard enough to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis. The best treatment options in a multidisciplinary setting with a state of the art facilities are required.

Weight loss or metabolic syndrome surgery requires careful assessment and precise treatment for patients struggling with their weight and/or complications; heartburn, Dumping syndrome, etc.

The modern approach to appendicectomy that Professor Nisar offers is the MSL (Mini ScarLess surgery). The technique provides a significant reduction in Unsightly scars, excessive post-operative pain, lengthy recovery times.

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