"I don't just
I live it "

A patient is not in the hospital
        because of me,

     I am in the hospital
   because of the patient

In my opinion, Fakeeh University Hospital reflects all the best qualities of the country and the city in which it is located. From the car park to the operation theatre and from the doctors’ chamber to the admissions office, one is constantly enveloped in care, concern and attention.

My doctor, Professor Amir Nisar, laparoscopic and general surgeon, turned out to be the embodiment of knowledge, eloquence, enlightenment and experience. A surgeon who laid out with clarity and confidence all possible options that I had as a patient, and educated me and my wife on the pros and cons of the minimally invasive yet technically complex procedure that he suggested would be ideal for me.

Naseera Tabassum, the nurse in charge of my case from the first appointment with Dr. Nisar all the way to my discharge, went out of her way to make every process concerned as smooth as possible. A visit she paid to inquire about my condition the day after the surgery, reinforced the impression I had formed of the high level of professionalism of FUH staff irrespective of their roles and job titles.

To use a well-worn phrase, words cannot express how grateful I am to the management of FUH for the red-tape-free administrative process, the courtesy that was extended to my family, the overwhelming kindness and compassion of staff (from the operation theatre to the kitchen), and for the many small gestures and acts that made my stay in the hospital an extremely pleasant experience.

Arnab Neil Sengupta

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GERD is a complex condition. We appropriately assess the condition and provide a comprehensive care plan,
 including Barrett’s Oesophagus.

Hernias can be of many types; groin/ inguinal/ umbilical/ divarication of recti and incisional are just a few examples. Modern treatment does not require avoidance of exercise after surgery in most cases.

Surgery for gallbladder stones, even after pancreatitis is common. Here are several innovative approaches to this operation. These approaches make it a safe operation, reduce post-operative pain and scars, resulting in a quicker recovery.

It is hard enough to come to terms with a cancer diagnosis. The best treatment options in a multidisciplinary setting with a state of the art facilities are required.

Reflux after Weight loss or metabolic syndrome surgery requires careful assessment and precise treatment for patients. ADR is the most effective treatment option.

The modern approach to appendicectomy that Professor Nisar offers is the MSL (Mini ScarLess surgery). The technique provides a significant reduction in Unsightly scars, excessive post-operative pain, lengthy recovery times.

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