Faculty positions in Laparoscopic Training Centres

Mattu International Centre of
Excellence for Telesurgery

International Minimal Access Centre For Surgery

IRCAD, Strausburgh, France

Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln's Inn London, United Kingdom

With International Minimal Access Centre for Surgery (IMACS) Faculty
as Director of the Training Unit
Line Up of Global Master Trainers
at Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit MATTU
Performing Live Complex Giant Hiatal Hernia Surgery in an International Meeting for GORD
Performing surgery in a live Satellite link to 15 Medical Universities
Live Workshop; teaching surgeons, Anti Reflux, Hernia and Gall Bladder surgery
Showing Endo-Alpha Theatre, the best in the United Kingdom Since 2008 to the presidents of the Association of Laparoscopic Surgery Great Britain and Ireland
Professor Amir Nisar Leading the way to colloboration with Medway University of Kent
Endo-Alpha hybrid endoscopic and laparoscopic theatre designed by Professor Amir Nisar