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Mission & Vision

“To serve my patients with Total Dedication, Expertise, commitment and Humility”

Professor Amir Nisar

Professor Amir Nisar has spent all his life developing and promoting safe environments and practices for the patients in many hospitals all over the world.

He continually tries to improve his personal skills and knowledge for further improving care of patients in his hands.

Professor Amir Nisar builds teams par excellence to create centers of excellence for safe patient care and also providing the patients with a positive experience during their arduous journey.

A small example of Professor Amir Nisar’s ethos of patient’s care, personal attention and respect is that all his patients get his personal mobile number for contact. He carries only one phone, where he is reachable to his family, friends and patients alike.

We share some references of his respectable and senior colleagues, who have observed his practice in the hospitals

Professor Amir Nisar considers himself a thinker and some of his personal; quotes are shared here