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Hospitals Worked In

1990, National Children’s Hospital, Harcourt Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

is the oldest Paediatrics hospital in Europe. Located near St Stephen’s Green Park, Grafton Street and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. This hospital became well known globally because of its eminent surgeon Professor P Puri, the inventor of STING (Submucosal Teflon INJection) for vesicoureteric reflux in children. Working with him and likes of Professor H Smith, Professor G Fitzpatrick and Professor E Guiney was an honour and a great start to the start of my learning.

Long hours of work from six in the morning till midnight on most days built the ethos and stamina for the future. Dealing with delicate and young children added a soft touch to patient’s precision management.

Dublin, the beautiful capital of Ireland, with its ever-flowing river Liffey, its St Patrick’s parades and the special people who are very dear to my heart. The birth place of my stylish daughter Hira, Dublin girl, and it being my first place of work in E’íre makes it memorable.

1991, Ennis General Hospital, Ireland

in the heart of beautiful County Clare is surrounded by beautiful Cliffs of Moher, Lisdoonvarna the match making village with great music and pub life, Burren caves and Dromoland castle. It’s a place known for its music and natural beauty. I got married while working here and my eldest daughter Komal was born here. She sings beautifully, Clare girl and is very proud to be Irish.

This busy hospital with grueling and marathon 88 – 110 hours a week work under the supervision of surgeons Mr D O’Calliagh and Mr G Byrnes helped me to do my fellowship examinations from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Ireland and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow. No working condition or hours ever seemed too much after this job.

A solid foundation of patient care, principles of surgery and exposure of laparoscopic surgery early on in my career was to define my future.

1993, Naas General Hospital, Republic of Ireland

In County Kildare, at the other end of a short motorway from Dublin kept me busy with trauma and some exciting emergency and elective work. Driving without seatbelt at 120mph after a night’s drink was not yet totally unlawful! Mr B Hargan is one of the finest surgeons that I have worked with, well dressed, stylish and an excellent pair of hands. Working with him in my first registrar job offered me immense opportunities on management roles and exposure to some wonderful surgery.

Segmental Splenectomy for trauma and splenic rupture is one of the very special surgery, that I learned from him in 1993 which have helped me save and preserve many spleens throughout my career. This is still not a commonly practiced procedure due to surgeons’ fears and unfamiliarity with the procedure.

1994, Yeovil District Hospital, Somerset, United Kingdom

Landing as a registrar in Yeovil District Hospital on 1st July 1994 was a God’s gift to me to get me on the golden trail of learning surgery and especially laparoscopic surgery. If there is one individual who laid the wholesome foundation of my learning of surgical principals, ethics, patient care and development as a surgeon that has to be Professor Robin Kennedy. A truly great surgeon, thinker, hardworking, a leader and a great contributor to British modern surgery. The list of his achievements goes well beyond him being the pioneer of enhanced recovery in United Kingdom, the leading surgeon in laparoscopic colorectal surgery and LAPCO (a training programme for colorectal surgeons). This great surgeon really taught me being honest with myself and my patients. Ruthless self-criticism in clinical governance and presentations cannot be done better than Professor Kennedy; I can just attempt it. 24/7 availability to my patients comes from his apprenticeship and guidance. He introduced me to the safest laparoscopic cholecystectomy technique; which I proudly teach on my courses as “Kennedy’s technique”.

Professor D Griffiths, Professor R Clarke and Professor H Gajraj have deep respect in my heart.

Yeovil is home to great cricketer Sir Ian Botham. It is picturesque and near Weymouth with beautiful beaches and countryside. Its proximity to Bristol, Bath, Yoevilton Air Base and Glastonbury festival offered many interesting cases and opportunities. Cheddar, home of famous cheese and its gorges add to its attraction.

I played lots of cricket here and was privileged to play at some of the most beautiful villages and picturesque cricket grounds in this lovely county.  I understood the real meaning of the term ‘a gentleman’s game’ here; the west country.

Currently Professor N. Francis and Professor T. Farooq are eminent and famous surgeons working in this great place.

1996, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, United Kingdom

Posh Surrey. 

There is no bigger and better place for laparoscopic surgery in United Kingdom than Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. I was one of the 108 applicants of which 9 were shortlisted for a post with an existing locum doctor working; considered favorable for the post. I was lucky enough to get the post. The rest is history. I have been lucky with my jobs, all my life and rarely had to take a second interview.

Spearheading this tertiary referral centre, Professor Michael Bailey is the father of modern laparoscopic surgery in Great Britain and Ireland. He established MATTU (Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit) in the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford on the initiative of the Department of Health, United Kingdom to provide training to surgeons to the new techniques in order to offer safe surgery to the patients.

He ran more than 45 courses a year at the centre in various specialties. I was his right-hand man from 1997 to 2003; working closely with him. We ran the courses, offered proctoring, mentorship to our course participants and any other surgeons. The attendees and trainees were from all over the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe and Asia. This association took me into the league of serious players in Europe.

Professor Bailey always dressed up and conducted himself impeccably. His patient care and respect could never accept any compromises. He ran his ship like an admiral grand.

His attention to detail, open and honest approach meant that complications were virtually nonexistent in his firm. During my tenure with him we had the best surgical outcomes in United Kingdom.

There was always a queue of doctors in training and laparoscopic fellows to join him for apprenticeship. Professor Bailey having an international profile meant that the responsibilities of training his registrars, fellows, organisation of the firm, courses, proctoring and mentorship were on my shoulders, which I loved and cherished. I was duly appreciated by my great teacher and trainer. Professor Bailey, being a prodigy of famous British surgeon Tanner, was a complete surgeon.

I have never met a surgeon whom I saw improving in his skills and style until the time of retirement except for Professor Michael Bailey. He is the undoubtedly the hernia king of United Kingdom and Europe; his last hernia operation that I witnessed was the best that I had seen him operate.

I learned patient respect, patient care, style, teaching at world stage and many other things from this great British surgeon.

My parting comment to him when I moved on to my consultant post in the garden of England, Kent was that the only place where Bailey’s techniques in United Kingdom would be practiced from then on would be in Kent and not his own hospital. He had a beautiful smile on his face which endorsed my satisfaction as his apprentice in surgery and style for nearly a decade.

Surrey is a University and aristocratic town with beautiful suburbs; posh place indeed. My son Haashim was born here.

I have fond memories of many beautiful cricket grounds in Surrey, where I played on the weekends.

2003, St George’s University Hospital, London, United Kingdom

This place has the best of my memories. My son Mustafa, a true Londoner, was born here. I worked in the hospital and my daughter Dr Komal, now an ophthalmic surgeon is graduate of this University.

I worked with Professor Alberic Fiennes, bariatric surgeon and President of BOMS (British Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Society). I have not met an intellectual, brighter and brainier person than Professor Fiennes. Energetic, kind and polite Professor Alberic has left a lasting impression on British obesity surgery. Coincidently I was one of the six surgeon (including him) who met in Cardiff before my apprenticeship with him to discuss the charter and laid the foundation of the society (BOMS).

A stone throw from Wimbledon and with many great Pakistani restaurants, this place had a buzz. While working here I decided that I would never work in London and the countryman by heart affirmed his love for tranquility and quiet.

Visits to Harley street with my dynamic and excellent surgeon Professor Satwinder Mudan will remain dear in my mind and heart.

I met Professor Melville here, a gem of a person and a surgeon. A true gentleman and adorable by mannerism. He has always been kind and warm to me and every medical student and doctors in training. A true role model.

I learned about the concept of eagles and turkeys in this place from a consultant surgeon. He informed me that some surgeons are like eagles and they soar high; others are like turkeys, flapping their wings making lots of noise but their feet cannot escape the surface of Earth. This helped me to classify the individuals around me for the years to come.

2004, Frimley Park Hospital, Camberley, United Kingdom

Is unique as it is a NHS military partnership. On certain days one could see some of the doctors, surgeons and nursing staff in smart military uniform distinguishing them from the NHS staff.

This was a very busy hospital. It was run tightly. There was no lazing around in the wards which was a fresh breath of air, as this reminded me of old NHS. Here this was only possible because of the military influence and discipline.

I passed my FRCS intercollegiate during this year which was my third fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons, with a gap of 11 years.

I enjoyed my work with Professor Sukhpal Singh, an amazing open and laparoscopic surgeon. A balanced individual with love for life, sports and activities. He stood miles over and above all his colleagues.

The ITU in Frimley Park under the anaesthetist Dr Louis is the best that I have ever seen. Their slogan was that the patients did not die in their intensive care. I am a witness to many miracles here; thanks to the expertise, dedication and hard work of the anesthetists and intensive care staff here.

It was a prefect mirror image of Professor Baileys surgical firm in The Royal Surrey County Hospital just a few miles away in the neighouring county, Surrey.

2005, Epsom General Hospital, London United Kingdom

It caters for the community of southwest London just inside M25. Professor Paul Toomey was a polite, admirable, a great surgeon and human being. Professor Raja was friendly, polite, innovative an excellent surgeon. They complemented each other and have been [ride of the hospital. The hospital was not the busiest and this allowed me to spend some time to assist the establishment of laparoscopic colorectal surgery here.

Just four months into this job I had my interview for a consultant post and got the job in Kent with blessing of my bosses in Epsom hospital. That shortened my stay in this job. This place is beautiful and the hospital is safe because of these two surgeons.

2006, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Pembury, Kent, United Kingdom

Garden of England; here I come.

Soon after my certificate of completion of training (CCT), I had an interview, my first for the consultant post. I got the job as an upper GI consultant surgeon in newly established Upper Gastro Intestinal Centre for Kent region. One of my consultant’s references mentioned that I rarely had complications; I was informed about that by the hospital chairman just after the job offer; which I acknowledged with humility.

There was nothing of significance in this hospital. This inspired me to take this job as I could make a difference. Lord Ara Darzi’s advice inspired me to make this hospital good, great and safe for the population of Maidstone and Kent. Michael Woodford; a God sent angel, was instrumental in letting me achieve my lifelong wish and establish a Laparoscopic training unit to improve the standards and safety for our patients. We built up many services, one after another. Working hours were long and I could only manage just 3-4 sleeping hours at night. The reward was all worth it.

The upper Gastro Intestinal Unit at Maidstone and Tunbridge wells became well known for its excellence not only in United Kingdom but Europe as well. We conducted courses to train surgeons from all over United Kingdom, Europe and Asia to enable them to conduct advanced laparoscopic surgeries safely in their practices.

I am very proud of my achievements while working here and service to the population of Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Pembury and Kent.

2017- 2019    Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With NHS suffering in the hands of successive governments and poor management, Professor Amir decided to move to sunny Dubai; hub of activity, excellence and advancements.

Professor Amir Nisar was lucky enough to get a job in the Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai. He thoroughly enjoyed my work in the hospital and Dubai and worked with multidisciplinary teams in an efficient manner. Developed some new services at the hospital.

2018-2021     Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital

Professor Amir Nisar was asked to join Mediclinic Parkview hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates as the head of department of surgery.

This was a new Mediclinic Flagship hospital in Dubai. Professor Amir was lucky enough to have worked closely with the hospital director, Mr. Barry Bedford, who is a dynamic doer, a visionary, and a true leader.

Mr Barry Bedford’s support and guidance was crucial for Professor Amir Nisar to establish Parkview hospital in the outpatients, inpatients, theatres, multidisciplinary teams, clinical governance, journal club and various other disciplines very well.

Professor Amir had the privilege and honour of serving in some key positions in Parkview hospital and Mediclinic Middle East (MCME):

  • Head of the department of surgery
  • Chairman Theatre Committee
  • Member Ethics committee
  • Member executive council of Mediclinic Middle East Research Advisory committee
  • Organising committee of MCME international Annual Research Conference meeting

Director and Trainer Laparoscopic course for young surgeons in Sharjah University
Through excellent support and confidence of Mr Barry Bedford and later Mr David Jelly, this was possible for Professor Amir Nisar to develop excellent protocols and services for his department and teams.


Fakeeh University Hospital, Silicone Oasis, Dubai 2022 - Present

Fakeeh University Hospital

Professor Amir Nisar has surgical experience of over 33 years, mostly in United
Kingdom and Ireland. He has worked in Dubai for four years.

He is currently working as consultant surgeon in Fakeeh University hospital,
Silicone Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Fakeeh University hospital, Dubai.

Professor Amir Nisar worked in this hospital as the Lead in General surgery and
the Head of department of surgery.