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Professor Amir Nisar's Experience and Expertise in Gall Bladder Surgery

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Historic Background

May 1991; Ennis General Hospital, County Clare, Ireland; Professor Amir Nisar observed his first Laparoscopic Gall Bladder surgery.

Currently; More than three decades on Professor Amir Nisar is now Performing Laparoscopic MSL (MiniScarLess) Cholecystectomy on his patients.

Laproscopic MiniScarLess (MSL) Clipless Choleycystectomy is far superior to Conventional Laproscopic Cholycystectomy surgery, Robotic Assisted Cholycystectomy surgery, Needlespcopic Cholycystectomy surgery, Single port Cholycystectomy surgery and eNOTES / NOTES / No-Scar Cholycystectomy.

Safe Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

The journey would not have been the same without learning the safe “Kennedy’s Technique” from Professor Robin Kennedy in Yeovil District Hospital, Somerset, England United Kingdom, in the early 90s.

This great surgeon, thinker and perfectionist’s teaching to Professor Nisar, about this very safe technique is a gift, for which gratitude and prayers are expressed for him, every time this surgery is performed safely by Professor Robin Kennedy’s prodigy.

This is not only about the safe surgery on gall bladder but also the common bile duct and various management strategies, shown, taught, and trained by Professor Kennedy, which have illuminated Professor Amir Nisar’s paths of management of simple and complex biliary diseases.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, though a common operation, should never be taken lightly because of the risk of potentially life-threatening complications if something goes wrong at the surgery.

Experience in Teaching and Training Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to other Surgeons

Professor Nisar has taught, lectured, and performed live surgery on the Royal College of Surgeons of England courses of safe Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for 23 years. He has learned many strategies for performing safe, gall bladder surgery. His extensive experience with open and laparoscopic gall bladder and common bile duct surgeries makes him an experienced and safe gall bladder surgeon.

Laparoscopic MSL (MiniScarLess) Cholecystectomy

In this latest innovation, Professor Nisar uses a technique that leaves minimal (almost no scars) clinically unnoticeable scars in the abdomen in most cases. In Gall Bladder surgery, scars are in the upper abdomen and can be prominent. With MSL approach, the scars are not noticeable to even surgeon’s trained eyes after the surgery. In our experience, both surgeon and his patients have found these scars cosmetically acceptable and pleasing.

Painless Cholecystectomy

Professor Amir uses eight important parameters in his operative technique to keep the pain after surgery to bare minimum and even completely painless in most cases; hence the name painless cholecystectomy.