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Team Work

Dr Amir, with his colleagues, with the hospital management, as well with the students he foster a team approach to ensure his patient centric approach.  As the chairperson of the Operating Theatre committee he creating a culture of teams to the benefits of the patients.”

“I have enjoyed every moment of our time working together. From hours of surgery to casual chats whether they be academic or social.”

“I know Prof Amir Nisar for about 20 months since we both joined Mediclinic Parkview Hospital.  .

He is a great personality and an outstanding surgeon, he is always available for help over the phone or in person and for both junior colleagues and consultant colleagues.” 

“We occasionally work together with the co-management of patients and from my experience with him, he is extremely team oriented and easy to work with and it is always a pleasure to manage patients with him.”

“He believes in team work and also encourages his team to work hard, learn new techniques, counsels them about their carrier, and most important thing is, everyone can reach him 24/7 even its not related to medical.”

“Very tempting glare to be near and within, rather than being dismissed by ranking

family work is a new synonymous to team work under his guidelines.”

“Professor Amir Nisar has a good way of solving team conflicts and ensure that peace and harmony are upheld. He knows how to receive and give constructive feedback to other team members.”