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“Analytical -, Communication -, Leadership -, Technical -, Critical -, Judgment and Decision Making skills are just a few of his remarkable skills in his day to day care to his patients.”

“Prof. Amir Nisar is not only an outstanding surgeon expert in laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery but also an excellent teacher.”

“I never find him stressed out or back out from any difficulty in surgery, he always comes with different solutions and it always works.

“He is very keen in growth of his team, transferring skills and knowledge.”

“The highest praise one surgeon can give another is to trust them to perform surgery on themselves or their loved ones. I would allow Prof Amir Nisar to do this without a second thought.”

“Taking a sip of sweet delight or delicacies, almost resembles being exposed to the on hands level of skills transmitted intraoperatively, through him.”

“Has excellent technical and interpersonal skills.”