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Professor Robin Kennedy

Professor Robin Kennedy; A truly great surgeon, thinker, hardworking leader and a great contributor to British modern surgery. The list of his achievements goes well beyond him being the pioneer on enhanced recovery in United Kingdom, the leading surgeon in laparoscopic colorectal surgery and LAPCO (a training programme for colorectal surgeons). This great surgeon taught me the essence of being honest with myself and my patients. Ruthless self-criticism in clinical governance and presentations cannot be done better than Professor Kennedy; I can just attempt to imitate my master trainer and teacher.

24/7 availability to my patients comes from his apprenticeship and guidance. He introduced me to the safest laparoscopic cholecystectomy technique; which I proudly teach on my courses as “Kennedy’s technique”.

Professor of Surgery and Dean at St Mark’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom has been pioneer of Enhanced Recovery programme and Laparoscopic Colorectal surgery in United Kingdom.