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“His is extremely professional.  He display a set of values, behaviours, and relationships that underpins the trust to the public. Furthermore, his day-to-day practices are integrated with his integrity, values and compassion.”

“His sharp and clean dress, good manners, great communication skills, while honoring his commitments to not only his patients but also his team and colleagues are just a few of his extraordinary characteristics that attests to his true professionalism.”

“A true gentleman in every sense of the word.”

“In my 14-year professional carrier, I have seen peak of professionalism in Professor Amir. It’s not only between doctor patient relations but also with other colleagues, juniors doctors and other staff.”

“A professor in science and knowledge of surgery; also, professor in taking serious approach towards patient’s health, worries and concerns.”

“Prof. Amir is extremely professional and his bed manners are excellent.”

“In any surgical environment reliability and maturity are key. He has always demonstrated sound priorities punctuality and good judgement in his professional performance.”

“His skills are like no other surgeon I have known. He has profound expertise and skills. He is very thorough inside the operating room with skilled hands and a skilled mind as can be seen by his successful patient outcomes.”

“He is a doctor that relies heavily on knowledge; evidence-based testing, diagnoses, and treatments are expected to be implemented in a patient’s best interests.  He uses his knowledge to treat patients and love to share his knowledge with his peers.”

“His knowledge spans beyond our scope and he consistently brings so many innovative and truly breathtaking ideas and education to all of us who are lucky to work with him.”

“Prof. Amir Nisar is a full package of his own field of surgery not only in bookish, but very up to date in clinicals and research also.”

“We also take befit from his administrative and social guidance.”

“Despite having been a provider of knowledge and training in world’s most prestigious institutions, it’s not a barrier for him to share his new ideas and data on day by day basis.”

“He always applies his knowledge and is happy to share his knowledge to others.”