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Negative Coverage

Professor Amir Nisar’s contributions and achievements have kept him in the limelight for decades. His commitment to the profession has always earned him applause and positive imagery. However, he was unfairly embroiled in an incident in 2013/14; professional rivalry, jealousy, and politics might have been behind in all this, in being dragged into unrelated matters. It was a deeply disturbing time in his life. After all, a life time’s work and professional ethics were put under hostile scrutiny. But praise to the Almighty, truth prevailed over falsehood. Professor Nisar had unfair and negative press coverage in 2013/14. 

His name was mentioned in press coverage, for incidents not relevant to him. The clinical issues mentioned in the media did not involve Professor Amir Nisar at all. He was not even working at the hospital at the time of those incidents and was looking after a seriously sick member of family.

After being the victim of the dark underbelly of National Health Service (NHS), Professor Amir Nisar decided to join the General Medical Council and served on the BME committee for several years. He also presented the predicament of BME doctors and staff in NHS, United Kingdom to the Council. This was appreciated and well received by the Chief Executive, responsible officers and BME Council.

Professor Nisar found the whole experience unfair and distressing at the time; however, a person who lives his life with positivity, he has channelised his frustration into improvement of NHS practices. It is also the topic of his book that he plans to publish in the year 2021.

2017 - With GMC CEO & Executive Council Member

There might have been some local petty politics behind this; jealousy from Professor Nisar’s achievements, at the heart of this negative press.
Professor Amir Nisar cleared his name 100% with General Medical Council and asked the media to remove the misleading and erroneous report; instead they just wrote some lines (addendum) from the detailed letter provided by the hospital director.

Unfortunately, doctors do not have the financial resources to fight press like some other celebrities.

The following are the details of his innocence in the alleged accusations of 2013/14.

Letter to Google from NHS to block Websites maligning Prof. Amir