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Michael Woodford

Michael Woodford

“What is the measure of a great man? There is none as a great man cannot be measured. Greatness exceeds all boundaries”

If one man influenced my life towards greatness, apart from my father, then that has to be Mr Michael Woodford.

He was instrumental in allowing me to get my dream Laparoscopic Training Unit, IMACS (International Minimal Access Centre for Surgery). He helped me immensely to get the tarnished name of Maidstone Hospital to become a well-known and respectable name among the Oesophago Gastric cancer surgery in United Kingdom and Europe.

His backing allowed us to teach, train and get invaluable funding for my hospital from the money generated from IMACS courses; every penny went to the NHS to improve facilities further and serve its population.

The first ever non-Japanese President of Olympus, Japan. His book ‘Exposed’ is worth a read; an epic journey of Michael Woodford, OBE a truly Patriotic and a proud British gentleman.  A man of integrity, honesty, sound character and a true leader.