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Lord Sir Ara Darzi

When Lord Darzi was in Ireland, I used to hear about his feats. Then in United Kingdom he achieved what no other surgeon in the entire history of United Kingdom has been able to achieve. It is an honour to know him. He has been the first robotic surgeon in United Kingdom. He was knighted as Sir Ara Darzi and later made a Lord so now Lord Darzi. His revolutionary reforms within NHS have helped many patients to receive excellent, prompt and high-quality service in NHS.

He has reformed Qatar Medical scene with his innovative and energetic leadership.

When I joined Maidstone hospital, it had bad press from a large number of deaths from Clostridium Difficle. Having been in touch with Sir Darzi about the progress in my career at that time; I felt a touch embarrassed and emailed him just before midnight; mentioning that our hospital was not as bad as it sounded from the news in media and press. To my amazement his reply appeared in my inbox just past midnight, Amir, you can change it all by strong clinical leadership! I did not have a clue what was he talking about!

Later after some pondering it became clear that we needed to improve this very average hospital with below average working practices. This would restore its respect in the eyes of its patients and population. Extreme hard work over the next three years allowed us to achieve the goal. We developed a culture of patient safety with most modern practices and facilities in the hospital. The upper Gastro Intestinal Unit of Maidstone hospital became well known in United Kingdom and Europe.